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Professional Pride consumers are well-educated career professionals that have prospered through the Great Recession. To maintain their upscale suburban lifestyles, these goal oriented couples work, often commuting far and working long hours. However, their schedules are fine-tuned to meet the needs of their school age children.  They are financially savvy; they invest wisely and benefit from interest and dividend income. So far, these established families have accumulated an average of 1.6 million dollars in net worth, and their annual household income runs at more than twice the US level. They take pride in their newer homes and spend valuable time and energy upgrading.  Their homes are furnished with the latest in home trends, including finished basements equipped with home gyms and in-home theaters.



• Typically owner occupied (Index 146), single-family homes are in newer neighbor hoods: 67% of units were built in the last 20 years.

• Neighborhoods are primarily located in the suburban periphery of large metropolitan areas.

• Most households own three or more vehicles; long commutes are the norm.

• Homes are valued at more than twice the US median home value, although three out of four homeowners have mortgages to pay off.

• Families are mostly married couples (almost 80% of households), and nearly half of these families have kids. Their average household size, 3.13, reflects the presence of children.



• Professional Pride consumers are highly qualified in the science, technology, law, or finance fields; they’ve worked hard to build their professional reputation or their start-up businesses.

• These consumers are willing to risk their accumulated wealth in the stock market.

• They have a preferred financial institution, regularly read financial news, and use the Internet for banking transactions.

• These residents are goal oriented and strive for lifelong earning and learning.

• Life here is well organized; routine is a key ingredient to daily life.

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