Prairie Living




Prairie Living is Tapestry Segmentation’s most rural market, comprising about 1.2 percent of households, located mainly in the Midwest, with a predominance of self-em- ployed farmers. These agricultural communities are not diverse, dominated by married-couple families that own single-family dwellings and many vehicles. Median house- hold income is similar to the US, and labor force participation is slightly higher. Faith is important to this hardworking market. When they find time to relax, they favor outdoor activities.



• About four-fifths of households are owner occupied.

• Dominant household type is married-couples with no children.

• Most are single-family homes (87%) built before 1980; a higher proportion were built before 1940 (Index 218).

• Higher percentage of vacant housing units is at 16.5% (Index 146).

• Most households own 2 or 3 vehicles; this is the highest ranked market for owning 4 or more vehicles.



• More than half have completed some college education or hold a degree.

• At 2.9%, the unemployment rate is almost less than half the US rate.

• Labor force participation rate slightly higher at 65%.

• Wage and salary income for 72% of households plus self-employment income for 23% (Index 217).

• Faith and religion are important to these residents.

• Tend to buy things when they need them, rather than when they want them or to be trendy.

• Somewhat resistant to new technology.

• Creatures of habit when purchasing food items.

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