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These practical suburbanites have achieved the dream of home ownership. They have purchased homes that are within their means. Their homes are older, and town homes and duplexes are not uncommon. Many of these families are two-income married couples approaching retirement age; they are comfortable in their jobs and their homes, budget wisely, but do not plan on retiring anytime soon or moving. Neighborhoods are well established, as are the amenities and programs that supported their now independent children through school and college. The appeal of these kid-friendly neighborhoods is now attracting a new generation of young couples.



• Homes are primarily owner occupied, single-family residences built prior to 1970; town homes and duplexes are scattered through the neighborhoods.

• Both median home value and average rent are close to the national level.

• Households by type mirror the US distribution; married couples, more without children, dominate. Average household size is slightly lower at 2.51, but this market is also a bit older.



• More than half of the population is college educated.

• Older residents draw Social Security and retirement income.

• The work force is diverse: professionals in health care, retail trade, and education, or skilled workers in manufacturing and construction.

• This is a financially shrewd market; consumers are careful to research their big-ticket purchases.

• When planning trips, they search for discounted airline fares and hotels and choose to vacation within the US.

• These practical residents tend to use their cell phones for calls and texting only.

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