Modest Income Homes




Families in this urban segment may be nontraditional; however, their religious faith and family values guide their modest lifestyles. Many residents are primary caregivers to their elderly family members. Jobs are not always easy to come by, but wages and salary income are still the main sources of income for most households. Reliance on Social Security and public assistance income is necessary to support single-parent and multigenerational families. High poverty rates in this market make it difficult to make ends meet. Nonetheless, rents are relatively low (Index 70), public transportation is available, and Medicaid can assist families in need.



• Households are single person or single parent (usually female householders). Multigenerational families are also present.

• Homes are predominantly single family; values reflect the age of the housing, built more than 60 years ago.

• Over half of the homes are renter occupied; average rent is lower than the US average.

• Most households have one car (or no vehicle); nearly a third rely on car pooling, walking, biking or public transportation.



• Almost a quarter of adults aged 25 or more have no high school diploma.

• Labor force participation is only 50%, with unemployment at almost three times the US rate.

• Income is less than half of the US median income; more than one in three households are in poverty, dependent on Social Security, public assistance, and Supplemental Security Income.

• Consumers in this market consider traditional gender roles and religious faith very important.

• This market lives for today, choosing to save only for a specific purpose.

• They favor TV as their media of choice and will purchase a product with a celebrity endorsement.

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