Midlife Constants




Midlife Constants residents are seniors, at or approaching retirement, with below average labor force participation and above average net worth. Although located in predominantly metropolitan areas, they live outside the central cities, in smaller communities. Their lifestyle is more country than urban. They are generous, but not spendthrifts.



• Older homes (most built before 1980) found in the suburban periphery of smaller metropolitan markets.

• Primarily married couples, with a growing share of singles.

• Settled neighborhoods with slow rates of change and residents that have lived in the same house for years.

• Single-family homes, less than half still mortgaged, with a median home value of$154,100 (Index 74).



• Education: 63% have a high school diploma or some college.

• Unemployment is lower in this market at 4.7% (Index 86), but so is the labor force participation rate (Index 91).

• Almost 42% of households are receiving Social Security (Index 141); 27% also receive retirement income (Index 149).

• Traditional, not trendy; opt for convenience and comfort, not cutting-edge. Technology has its uses, but the bells and whistles are a bother.

• Attentive to price, but not at the expense of quality, they prefer to buy American and natural products.

• Radio and newspapers are the media of choice (after television)

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