Metro Fusion




Metro Fusion is a young, diverse market. Many residents do not speak English fluently and have moved into their homes recently. They are highly mobile and over three quarters of households are occupied by renters. Many households have young children; a quarter are single-parent families. The majority of residents live in midsize apartment buildings. Metro Fusion is a hard-working market with residents that are dedicated to climbing the ladders of their professional and social lives. This is particularly difficult for the single parents due to median incomes that are 36% lower than the US level.



• Over 60% of the homes are multiunit structures located in the urban periphery.

• Three quarters of residents are renters, and rents are about thirteen percent less than the US average.

• The majority of housing units were built before 1990.

• Single-parent and single-person households make up over half of all households.



• They’re a diverse market with 31% black, 34% Hispanic, and 20% foreign born.

• Younger residents are highly connected, while older residents do not have much use for the latest and greatest technology.

• They work hard to advance in their professions, including working weekends.

• They take pride in their appearance, consider their fashion trendy, and stick with the same few designer brands.

• They spend money readily on what’s hot unless saving for something specific.

• Social status is very important; they look to impress with fashion and electronics.

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