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In Style denizens embrace an urbane lifestyle that includes support of the arts, travel, and extensive reading. They are connected and make full use of the advantages of mobile devices. Professional couples or single households without children, they have the time to focus on their homes and their interests. The population is slightly older and already planning for their retirement.



• City dwellers of large metropolitan areas.

• Married couples, primarily with no children (Index 112) or single households (Index 109); average household size at 2.35.

• Home ownership average at 68% (Index 108); nearly half, 47%, mortgaged (Index 114).

• Primarily single-family homes, in older neighborhoods (built before 1980), with a mix of town homes (Index 132) and smaller (5 –19 units) apartment buildings (Index 110).

• Median home value at $243,900.

• Vacant housing units at 8.6%.



• College educated: 48% are graduates (Index 155); 77% with some
college education.

• Low unemployment is at 3.6% (Index 66); higher labor force participation rate is at 67% (Index 108) with proportionately more 2-worker households (Index 110).

• Median household income of $73,000 reveals an affluent market with income supplemented by investments (Index 142) and a substantial net worth (Index 178).

• Connected and knowledgeable,
they carry smartphones and use many of the features.

• Attentive to price, they use coupons, especially mobile coupons.

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