Green Acres




The Green Acres lifestyle features country living and self-reliance. They are avid do-it-yourselfers, maintaining and remodeling their homes, with all the necessary power tools to accomplish the jobs. Gardening, especially growing vegetables, is also a priority, again with the right tools, tillers, tractors, and riding mowers. Outdoor living also features a variety of sports: hunting and fishing, motorcycling, hiking and camping, and even golf. Self-described conservatives, residents of Green Acres remain pessimistic about the near future yet are heavily invested in it.



• Rural enclaves in metropolitan areas, primarily (not exclusively) older homes with acreage; new housing growth in the past 15 years.

• Single-family, owner-occupied housing, with a median value of $235,500.

• An older market, primarily married couples, most with no children.



• Education: More than 60% are college educated.

• Unemployment is low at 3.8% (Index 70); labor force participation rate is high at 66.8% (Index 107).

• Income is derived not only from wages and salaries but also from self-employment (more than 13% of households), investments (27% of households), and increasingly, from retirement.

• They are cautious consumers with a focus on quality and durability.

• Comfortable with technology, more as a tool than a trend: banking or paying bills online is convenient; but the Internet is not viewed as entertainment.

• Economic outlook is professed as pessimistic, but consumers are comfortable with debt, primarily as home and auto loans, and investments.

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