Front Porches




Front Porches blends household types, with more young families with children or single households than average. This group is also more diverse than the US. More than half of householders are renters, and many of the homes are older town homes or duplexes. Friends and family are central to Front Porches residents and help to influence household buying decisions. Households tend to own just one vehicle but used only when needed. Income and net worth of these residents are well below the US average.



• Nearly one in five homes is a duplex, triplex, or quad; half are older single-family dwellings.

• Just over half the homes are occupied by renters.

• Older, established neighborhoods; three quarters of all homes were built before 1980.

• Single-parent families or singles living alone make up almost half of the households.



• Composed of a blue-collar work force with a strong labor force participation rate, but unemployment is slightly high at 7.1%.

• Price is more important than brand names or style to these consumers.

• With limited incomes, these are not adventurous shoppers.

• They would rather cook a meal at home than dine out.

• They seek adventure and strive to have fun.

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