Family Foundations




Family and faith are the cornerstones of life in these communities. Older children, still living at home, working toward financial independence, are common within these households. Neighborhoods are stable: little household growth has occurred for more than a decade. Many residents work in the health care industry or public administration across all levels of government. Style is important to these consumers, who spend on clothing for themselves and their children, as well as on smartphones.



• Family Foundations residents are a mix of married couples, single parents, grandparents, and children, young and adult.

• Average household size is slightly higher at 2.71.

• Neighborhoods are found in principal cities of major metropolitan areas throughout the South and West.

• More than two-thirds are homeowners living in single family houses built before 1970.

• Nearly three-fourths of all households have one or two vehicles at their disposal; average commute time is slightly higher.



• More than half have either attended college or obtained a degree; one-third have only finished high school.

• Unemployment rate is high at 10% (Index 191); labor force participation rate is slightly lower at 58% as workers begin to retire.

• Over one-third of households currently receive Social Security benefits; just under a quarter draw income from retirement accounts.

• A strong focus is on religion and character.

• Style and appearance is important.

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