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Enterprising Professionals residents are well educated and climbing the ladder in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) occupations. They change jobs often and therefore choose to live in condos, townhomes, or apartments; many still rent their homes. The market is fast-growing, located in lower-density neighborhoods of large metro areas. Enterprising Professionals residents are diverse, with Asians making up over one-fifth of the population. This young market makes over one and a half times more income than the US median, supplementing their income with high-risk investments. At home, they enjoy the Internet and TV on high-speed connections with premier channels and services.



• Almost half of households are married couples, and 29% are single person households.

• Housing is a mixture of suburban single-family homes, row homes, and larger multiunit structures.

• Close to three quarters of the homes were built after 1980; 25% are newer, built after 2000.

• Renters make up nearly half of all households.



• Median household income one and a half times that of the US.

• Over half hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

• Early adopters of new technology in hopes of impressing peers with new gadgets.

• Enjoy talking about and giving advice on technology.

• Half have smartphones and use them for news, accessing search engines, and maps.

• Work long hours in front of a computer. • Strive to stay youthful and healthy, eat organic and natural foods, run and do yoga.

• Buy name brands and trendy clothes online.

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