Emerald CIty




Emerald City ’s denizens live in lower-density neighborhoods of urban areas throughout the country. Young and mobile, they are more likely to rent. Well educated and well employed, half have a college degree and a professional occupation. Incomes close to the US median come primarily from wages, investments, and self-employment. This group is highly connected, using the Internet for entertainment and making environmentally friendly purchases. Long hours on the Internet are balanced with time at the gym. Many embrace the “foodie” culture and enjoy cooking adventurous meals using local and organic foods. Music and art are major sources of enjoyment. They travel frequently, both abroad and domestically.



• There are mostly older, established neighborhoods with homes built before 1960; around 30% built before 1940.

• Just over half of all homes are renter occupied.

• Single-person and nonfamily types make up over half of all households.

• Median home value and average rent are slightly above the US levels; around half of owned homes are worth $150,000–$300,000.



• Well educated, these consumers research products carefully before making purchases.

• They buy natural, green, and environmentally friendly products.

• Very conscious of nutrition, they regularly buy and eat organic foods.

• Cell phones and text messaging are a huge part of everyday life.

• They place importance on learning
new things to keep life fresh and variable.

• They are interested in the fine arts and especially enjoy listening to music.

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