Down the Road




Down the Road is a mix of low-density, semirural neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas; half are located in the South, with the rest chiefly in the West and Midwest. Almost half of householders live in mobile homes; more than two-fifths live in single-family homes. These are younger, diverse communities, with the highest pro- portion of American Indians of any segment. These family-oriented consumers value their traditions. Workers are in service, retail trade, manufacturing, and construction industries, with higher proportions in agriculture and mining, compared to the US. This market has higher unemployment, much lower median household income and home value, and more than a fifth of households with income below poverty level.



• Nearly two-thirds of households are owned.

• Family market, primarily married couples or single-parent households (Index 145).

• Close to half of all households live in mobile homes (Index 780).

• Four-fifths of households were built in 1970 or later.

• About 32% of homes are valued under $50,000 (over 4 times the US percentage).



• Education completed: 36% with a high school diploma only, 41% with some college education or a degree.

• Unemployment rate is 7.8%, higher than the US rate.

• Labor force participation rate is 59.0%, slightly lower than the US.

• Family-oriented, outgoing consumers; they place importance on preserving time-honored customs.

• They put a premium on convenience rather than health and nutrition.

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