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On their own for the first time, Dorms to Diplomas residents are just learning about finance and cooking. Frozen dinners and fast food are common options. Shopping trips are sporadic, and preferences for products are still being established. Many carry a balance on their credit card so they can buy what they want now. Although school and part-time work take up many hours of the day, the remainder is usually filled with socializing and having fun with friends. They are looking to learn life lessons inside and outside of the classroom. This is the first online generation, having had lifelong use of computers, the Internet, cell phones, and MP3 players.



• Mix of dorms, on-campus and off-campus housing cater to young renters.

• Off-campus householders are commonly students living alone or with roommates; average household size is 2.22.

• More than 80% of the housing are apartments; many older homes in town have been converted into multifamily living units.

• With limited parking on campus, many walk, bike, or car pool to class.

• Less than one in ten homes are owner occupied.



• They’re the youngest market with half of the population aged 20–24.

• They’re impulse buyers who experiment with different brands.

• They buy trendy clothes on a budget.

• Vehicles are just a means of transportation—economy and environmental impact are factors in purchases; used, imported subcompact cars are a popular choice.

• They value socializing, having fun, and learning new things.

• They’re always connected; their cell phone is never out of reach.

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