Diners and Miners




Close to one in five employed residents work in mining, oil and gas extraction, or quarrying industries. Diners and Miners is a very rural, primarily Southern market. Married-couple families reside in over half of the households, with a quarter of households that live in mobile homes. This socially conservative group earns a living working with their hands. In addition to mining, construction and agriculture are common industries for employment. They take pride in the appearance of their homes and their vehicles. Budget-minded residents enjoy home cooking, but nothing too fancy. This is a gregarious group that values time spent with friends.



• Rural living; homes are sparsely located throughout the countryside.

• These families have roots in their communities and do not move often; over three-quarters of all households are owner occupied.

• Over half of owned homes are worth less than $100,000.

• Married-couple families make up over half the households.

• A quarter of all housing units are mobile homes; the rest are primarily single-family dwellings.

• High-vacancy rate—nearly one in six housing units is vacant.



• They hold strong to religious beliefs.

• Most residents did not go to college.

• They are slow to adopt technology; “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” mentality.

• TV is the main source of information, news, and entertainment.

• They make purchases for today because tomorrow is uncertain.

• They are happy to go to work whenever the opportunity presents itself.

• Budgeted vacations are taken within the US, not abroad.

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