Comfortable Empty Nesters




Residents in this large, growing segment are older, with nearly half of all householders aged 55 or older; many still live in the suburbs where they grew up. Most are professionals working in government, health care, or manufacturing. These Baby Boomers are earning a comfortable living and benefitting from years of prudent investing and saving. Their net worth is well above average (Index 314). Many are enjoying the transition from child rearing to retirement. They value their health and financial well-being.



• Married couples, some with children, but most without (Index 149).

• Average household size slightly higher at 2.52.

• Found throughout the suburbs and small towns of metropolitan areas, where most residents own and live in single-family detached homes (Index 142).

• Most homes built between 1950 and 1990 (Index 131).

• Households generally have one or two vehicles.



• Education: 36% college graduates; nearly 68% with some college education.

• Low unemployment at 4%; average labor force participation at 61%.

• Most households income from wages or salaries, but a third also draw income from investments (Index 150) and retirement
(Index 159).

• Comfortable Empty Nesters residents physically and financially active.

• Prefer eating at home instead of dining out.

• Home maintenance a priority among these homeowners.

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