College Towns




About half the residents of College Towns are enrolled in college, while the rest work for a college or the services that support it. Students have busy schedules, but make time between studying and part-time jobs for socializing and sports. Students that are new to managing their own finances tend to make impulse buys and splurge on the latest fashions. This digitally engaged group uses computers and cell phones for all aspects of life including shopping, school work, news, social media, and entertainment. College Towns are all about new experiences, and residents seek out variety and adventure in their lives.



• These are nonfamily households with many students living alone or with roommates for the first time.

• This segment is a mix of densely developed student housing and dorms with local residences.

• Off-campus, low rent apartments comprise half of the housing stock.

• Over three-quarters of the households are renter occupied, with one in ten remaining vacant.

• One-third of homes are single family; mostly occupied by local residents who own their homes.

• This market is bike and pedestrian friendly.



• Their limited incomes result in thrifty purchases.

• They do not eat the healthiest foods, nor do they see a doctor regularly.

• They dress to impress with the latest fashions of the season.

• They prefer environmentally friendly products and vehicles that get good gas mileage.

• They’re heavily influenced by celebrity endorsements and trends in magazines.

• They feel anything that can be done online is easier than in person.

• They have liberal political views.

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