City Commons




This segment is one of Tapestry’s youngest markets, primarily comprised of single-parent and single-person households living within large, metro cities. While more than a third have a college degree or spent some time in college, nearly a quarter have not finished high school, which has a profound effect on their economic circumstance. However, that has not dampened their aspiration to strive for the best for themselves and their children.



• Single parents (Index 315), primarily female, and singles head these young households.

• Average household size is slightly higher than the US at 2.67.

• City Commons are found in large metropolitan cities, where most residents rent apartments in midrise buildings.

• Neighborhoods are older, built before 1960 (Index 151), with high vacancy rates.

• Typical of the city, many households own either one vehicle or none, and use public transportation (Index 292) or taxis
(Index 299).



• Although some have college degrees, nearly a quarter have not graduated from high school.

• Unemployment is very high at 16% (Index 295); labor force participation is low at 53% (Index 84).

• Most households receive income from wages or salaries, but nearly one in four receive contributions from Social Security (Index 287) and public assistance (Index 355).

• Consumers endeavor to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

• Most families prefer the convenience of fast-food restaurants to cooking at home.

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